The Records Keep Falling

If you were to tell me several months ago February 2015 would be the coldest ever recorded in Portland, I’d say no chance.  But, It happened.   After a very warm December (nearly 5 degrees warmer than normal) and a lack of snow, we started to see changes in the weather pattern by mid to late January.   The average temperature for the entire month of February will likely average around 13.8°. That smashes the old record for coldest February from 1979 of 15.6° . Here’s a list of the top 10 since records have been kept at the Jetport.

Not only is 13.8° cold for the month of February, but it’s looking like it’s one of the top coldest months on record. We’re in a battle for 2nd with January of 1981.

The end of February also marks the end of meteorological winter.   That’s the three month period of December, January, and February.  Assuming we get no more snow between now and Saturday night, we’ll end meteorological winter 12th snowiest on record.  These records go back to 1882.

The amazing part I think is the cluster of #11, #12, and #13.  These records go back 133 years and number 11, 12, and 13 have all occurred over the past three winters.  Just think what that number cold be if December was a big snow month, and the Valentine’s Day storm tracked just 50 miles west.
As we turn the corner and flip the page into March, it’s looking like the worst is behind us, but most projections still look colder than normal. And you know mother nature has a few more snow storms in her.

Charlie Lopresti

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