Blizzard Warning

Blizzard Warnings have been issued from Mid-Day Saturday through early Monday morning. The storm is a clipper system approaching from the northwest this this morning. It will intensify rapidly over the weekend as it track to our south and then east.  Snow will over spread our skies during the afternoon Saturday. Initially the intensity will be light but will pick up during the night time hours. Our heaviest bands of snow are expected to move in between 6PM Saturday and 1PM Sunday.   I don’t anticipate strong winds on Saturday but gusts may approach 20 mph.   Winds will be at their strongest on Sunday which will produce significant blowing and drifting. It’s still looking like most of the area will pick up one to two feet of snow. Totals may eclipse 2 feet Downeast with parts of Washington county possibly receiving around three feet.   Significant blowing and drifting should be expected on Sunday providing limited visibilities and huge snow drifts.
Monday will be a brighter day and a good day to dig out. More snow is possible mid-week but that one does not look to be a major storm. Stay tuned.



TIMING: Light snow develops Saturday afternoon but the main event with heavy snow should arrive Saturday night through mid-day Sunday. Snow should lighten up and end during the evening Sunday.

TYPE: All snow is expected. Much like the last several storms, this one will likely feature fluffy, but also windblown snow.

HOW MUCH: Most of the area should expect one to two feet of snow. Highest amounts will be along coastal areas. Stay updated on changes in the coming days.

WINDS: Wind will play a major role in this storm. Gusts of 40 to 50 mph are likely (esp Sunday morning). Blowing and drifting snow will be big variables. Strongest winds are expected along the coast and over the higher elevations.

WHAT DOES A BLIZZARD WARNING MEAN? As of Thursday evening NWS has issued Blizzard Watches and Winter Storm Watches but those will likely be converted to Blizzard Warnings and Winter Storm Warnings on Friday.   A Blizzard Warning is issued when the following conditions are expected. Visibility reduced to ¼ mile or greater due to falling or blowing snow, winds sustained or frequent gusts to 35 mph or more, and happening for 3 hours or more.   Based on today’s forecast, those conditions should be met for a large portion of the area by Sunday morning.

COASTAL FLOODING: Coastal flooding, beach erosion and splashover is possible at the times of high tides Saturday night through Sunday. The tide to watch will be 7:14 AM high tide (Portland) Sunday morning which is at 9.4’. A Coastal Flood Warning is in effect from 5AM through 11AM Sunday.

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